XOPs from the FTP Archive

The XOPS directory contains updated WaveMetrics XOP (binary extensions or "plug-ins") and supporting files for Igor Pro.

Standard WaveMetrics XOPs are shipped in "Igor Extensions" or "More Extensions" in your Igor Pro folder and Igor User Files folder. Use Igor's Help menu to locate those folders.

Typically these XOPs were created between releases of Igor, and the later versions of Igor incorporated the changes, even improving on them. Nonetheless, the XOPs can be of use to compatible versions of Igor that entirely lack the XOPs.

However, some of the XOPs are not included with Igor: they were developed to address customer questions and uploaded to the FTP site for sharing with other customers.


INDEX of XOPs FTP Archive

  • GizmoPerspectiveDemo.pxp

    June 2006

    Written by: AG, WaveMetrics Inc.

    Gizmo (Igor's 3-D visualization XOP) was designed for use with orthographic projections. If for some reason you want to use non orthographic projections you will run into problems with the built-in "trackball" rotation. This demo experiment shows how you can overcome this problem.

    Note: for Igor Pro 5.0 or later.

  • HDF5XOP_102_Mac.zip


    Feb 2006, Version 1.02



    Feb 2007, Version 1.03



    Feb 2007, Version 1.04

    Written by: Howard Rodstein, WaveMetrics Inc.

    HDF5XOP is an Igor extension that loads HDF5 files into Igor Pro and saves Igor data as HDF5 files. It also provides a way to browse HDF5 data files. The HDF5 file format is a creation of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).

    NOTE: HDF5XOP does not support HDF4 or earlier HDF formats. You can use the older HDF Loader XOP for that. HDF5XOP also does not support NetCDF. A user-written XOP is available for that - contact support@wavemetrics.com for details.

    HDF5XOP runs on Windows and Mac OS X. It does not run on Mac OS 9 because NCSA does not provide an HDF5 library for Mac OS 9.

    Note: for Igor Pro 5.04 or later.

  • HDFLoader131MacOSX.zip

    Nov 2007, Version 1.31

    HDF Loader.xop and HDF Loader Help.ihf.


    Nov 2009, Version 1.34

    HDF Loader.xop only.

    Written by: Howard Rodstein, WaveMetrics Inc.

    HDF Loader is an external operation that reads data from HDF 4.1r1 or 4.2r1 files. For information on HDF, see: https://www.hdfgroup.org

    HDF Loader adds the following command line operations: HDFInfo, HDFReadImage, HDFReadSDS, HDFReadVSet.

    Note: On Windows, HDF Loader requires Igor 3.0 or later. It handles files that conform to HDF version 4.1r1 or earlier.

    Note: On Macintosh, HDF Loader requires Igor Pro 5.0 or later. It runs on Mac OS X only. It handles files that conform to HDF version 4.2r1 or earlier.

  • HFSAndPosix.zip

    May 2007

    HFSAndPosix is a Mac OS X XOP that converts HFS (Macintosh Hierarchical File System) paths to Posix (a standard for various aspects of Unix).

    Originally, Mac OS used HFS paths. In HFS the path separator is colon and individual elements of the path are limited to 31 characters. HFS still runs on Mac OS X but the underlying file system is Posix-compatible.

    In Mac OS X Posix, the path separator is forward slash and individual elements of the path can be up to 255 characters.

    There are other differences. For example, volumes names are handled differently. Paths in HFS use the Macintosh 8-bit character set whereas paths in Mac OS Posix use 16-bit Unicode.

    As of Igor Pro 6.01, all Igor operations and functions expect HFS paths because Igor is written to use old file I/O routines. We hope to update Igor to remove the 31 character limit. However this will require rewriting all of Igor's internal file I/O routines. This will be difficult, will take a long time, and will introduce new bugs, so we're not sure when this update will happen.

    [Edit: it happened with Igor 6.1: Igor Pro 6.1 now supports long file names (up to 255 characters) on Macintosh as well as Windows.]

    HFSAndPosix adds three functions to Igor: HFSToPosix, PosixToHFS and HFSPairedFile.

    To activate HFSAndPosix, make an alias for it and put the alias in the Igor Extensions folder. Then restart Igor.

    Note: Mac OS X only, Igor 6.01 or later.

  • ITKMac.zip


    March 2007

    The ITKXOP implements a number of image filters using the ITK library. For more information about the ITK library see http://www.itk.org/HTML/About.htm.

    Complete documentation of all the filters can be found at http://www.itk.org/ItkSoftwareGuide.pdf.

    The ITK XOP.ihf help file simply lists the optional flags and the parameters which they control. The properties and theory behind the filters are outside the scope of this file. They are covered in some detail in the ITK documentation.

    The provided operations are:

    • ITKAntiAliasBinary [Flags] srcWave
    • ITKBilateralSmoothing [Flags] srcWave
    • ITKCurvatureAnisotropicDiff [Flags] srcWave
    • ITKCurvatureFlow [Flags] srcWave
    • ITKDanielssonMap [Flags] srcWave
    • ITKDerivative [Flags] srcWave
    • ITKDiscreteGaussian [Flags] srcWave
    • ITKGradAnisotropicDiffusion [Flags] srcWave
    • ITKGradMagnitude [/Z] srcWave
    • ITKLaplacian [/Z] srcWave
    • ITKLaplacianSharpen [/Z] srcWave
    • ITKMean [Flags] srcWave
    • ITKMedian [Flags] srcWave
    • ITKMinMaxCurvature [Flags] srcWave

  • LabJack Collection.zip

    April 2008

    LabJack Corporation makes data-acquisition hardware and software to connect the physical world to your computer and the Internet, including an XOP and examples that allow Igor Pro developers to utilize the Windows UD driver for their UD series of DAQ hardware.

    The LabJack Collection includes compiled XOPs and XOP source code to work on both Macintosh and Windows computers.

  • MLLoadWaveOSX552.zip

    MLLoadWave_OSX.xop and MLLoadWave Help.ihf

    Version 5.52, June 2006, Mac OS X only, requires Igor Pro 5.00 or later.

    MLLoadWave is an Igor extension that loads Matlab MAT-files into Igor Pro. We have not tested Matlab file formats after version 5 but in theory MLLoadWave should be able to load them.

    MLLoadWave adds a menu item to Igor's Load Waves submenu (in the Data menu). It also adds the MLLoadWave command line operation.

    Under Mac OS X, MLLoadWave_OSX.xop does not run unless you have installed and configured the necessary Mathworks-supplied shared libraries. The libraries are shipped with Matlab and installed in your Matlab directory when you install Matlab. The configuration is explained in the included help file.

    Note: Mac OS X only, requires Igor Pro 5.00 or later.

  • NIGPIB on Macintosh.

    June 20, 2008

    As of June 20, 2008, National Instruments' MacIntel NI488 driver version 2.5.5 for Intel and PPC had recently shipped. It was available from: http://www.ni.com.

    Programs compiled with the version 2.5.5 driver require NI488 version 2.5.5 or later. They will not run with earlier versions of the driver.

    Furthermore, NI488 2.5.5 requires the following:

    Mac OS X 10.4.x or later where x>=8
    Does not run on Mac OS X 10.5.x
    Mac OS X 10.4.x or later where x>=8
    Mac OS X 10.5.x

    Because of these restrictions, it is impractical for WaveMetrics to ship a universal version of the NIGPIB or NIGPIB2 XOPs as part of the standard Igor Pro package. If we did, some users, for example those running OS X 10.5 on PowerPC, would get an XOP that can't run on their machines.

    Consequently, as of June 2008, we are still shipping PowerPC-only versions of NIGPIB and NIGPIB2 on Macintosh.

    Our FTP Archive contains these additional versions:

    NIGPIB2 (Use for all new programming)


    Use NIGPIB2_UniversalBeta.zip if you have NI488 2.5.5 or later installed on your machine.


    Use NIGPIB2_IntelBeta.zip if you have an older NI488 driver installed on an Intel machine.


    Use NIGPIB2_OSX_PPC.zip if you have an older NI488 driver installed on a PowerPC machine.

    NIGPIB (Don't use for new programming)


    Use NIGPIB_UniversalBeta.zip if you have NI488 2.5.5 or later installed on your machine.


    Use NIGPIB_IntelBeta.zip if you have an older NI488 driver installed on an Intel machine.


    Use NIGPIB_OSX_201.zip if you have an older NI488 driver installed on a PowerPC machine.

  • QImagingPC.zip

    May 2005

    QImaging XOP

    This XOP is designed to acquire images and control QImaging FireWire cameras. In addition to this help file we provide the QImaging demo experiment which contains rudimentary GUI and programming examples. To activate this XOP, a copy of the XOP file or an alias (shortcut) to it must be placed in your Igor Extensions folder before starting IGOR.

    At present, we experience the best performance running on a PC. (For technical reasons, display of sequential images is slow on the Macintosh. We have also encountered FireWire related problems when running OSX on a dual processor machine.)

    Note: Windows XOP only, for Igor Pro 5.0 or later.

  • QtGrabberMac.zip

    April 2004

    The QTGrabber XOP is a Macintosh only, Mach-O XOP that supports frame grabbers and FireWire (IEEE 1394) digital video cameras that can be controlled via QuickTime.

    The XOP requires QuickTime version 6.4 or newer and includes support for Instrumentation and Industrial Control (IIDC) features of video cameras connected via FireWire.

    Note: Macintosh only, for Igor Pro 5.0 or later, requires QuickTime from Apple, Inc.

  • Sensoray.zip (full package)

    SensoGrabberPAL.zip (contains only SensoGrabberPAL.xop)

    February 2002

    Sensoray Grabber is a Windows only IGOR XOP that supports video acquisition using Sensoray Model 611 PCI Frame Grabber. The SensoGrabberPAL.xop is the PAL (European standard-def television) version.

    For more information about sensoray and the board, check out http://www.sensoray.com/products/611.htm.

    Note: Windows only, for Igor Pro 3.0 or later

  • SQL_XOP_Mac_080114.zip


    January 14, 2008, Version 1.0 (alpha release)

    The SQL XOP provides access to relational databases from IGOR procedures.

    The SQL XOP uses ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) libraries and drivers on Mac OS X and Windows to provide this access.

    Accessing databases requires IGOR programming. We assume that you have at least intermediate-level IGOR programming experience. If not you should read at least the first half of the Igor Pro Programming help topic or the first three chapters of the Programming volume of the Igor Pro manual which contains the same information.

    You can get started with SQL XOP by reading the help file and doing the tutorial inside. If you are not familiar with relational databases you will probably need to consult other material as well. See the References topic for pointers to other sources of information on SQL, ODBC and related technologies.

    Before you can use SQL XOP, you need to install an ODBC driver for your specific database as explained in the provided help file.

    SQL XOP (file name SQL.xop) was created by WaveMetrics in 2007. It is unrelated to SQLXOP (file name SQLXOP.xop) which was created by Bruxton Corporation in the 1990's and which runs on Windows only.

    Updated versions of this SQL XOP shipped with Igor 6.1 and later.

  • VDT2 is an Igor extension that implements a dumb terminal emulator (VDT stands for "Very Dumb Terminal"). VDT2 also allows you to control serial port communications from Igor procedures.



    Oct 2006, Version 1.11



    June 2009, Version 1.14

    Written by: Howard Rodstein, WaveMetrics Inc.

    Source code for VDT2 is supplied with the Igor XOP Toolkit.

    VDT2 sprang from VDT, an earlier XOP. The main difference is that the operations added by VDT2 can be used from user functions. For new programs, you should use VDT2. Old Igor programs can continue to use the old VDT XOP until the opportunity arises to convert them to use VDT2.

    Note: for Igor Pro 5.0 or later. VDT2 does not run on Mac OS 9.

    Updated versions of this VDT XOP shipped with Igor 6.1 and later.

  • VFWGrabber.zip

    Nov 17, 2005

    Video For Windows frame Grabber.

  • VISA (Virtual Instrument Software Architecture) is an instrument control system defined by the VXIplug&play Systems Alliance (http://www.vxipnp.org). It enables a program to control VISA-compliant instruments connected to a computer through serial port, GPIB, Ethernet, VXI bus and other media.

    VISAXOPMacBeta2005.zip (Mac OS X)

    VISAXOPWinBeta2005.zip (Windows)

    Dec 2005, Version 1.0b1

    VISA_XOP_101_OSX.zip (Mac OS X)

    VISA_XOP_100_Win.zip (Windows)

    Dec 2006, Version 1.0b2

    Written by: Howard Rodstein, WaveMetrics Inc.

    You must have an implementation of VISA installed on your machine. You need to consult the documentation from your VISA library vendor to learn how to configure the VISA system.

    The VISA XOP adds no menu items or dialogs to Igor. It does add a set of operations and functions which you can call from Igor user-defined functions. The VISA XOP Functions are low-level functions that map directly to VISA library functions. The VISA XOP Operations are higher level operations similar to operations added by Igor's NIGPIB XOP.

    An Igor procedure file, VISA.ipf, is also provided. It defines constants that you need when calling the VISA XOP functions.

    VISA XOP supports a subset of the capability of the VISA library. This subset will be sufficient for most data acquisitions tasks. Capabilities not supported include:

    • Formatted I/O
    • Asynchronous I/O
    • Event handler callbacks

    When you interface an instrument to Igor using VISA, you are dealing with software in the instrument, with the VISA library and with the VISA XOP. Interactions between these software elements can make interfacing difficult. You can speed development and avoid frustration by eliminating unknowns. You need a basic understanding of VISA, a good understanding the instrument's capabilities and expectations and a good understanding of the VISA XOP to succeed.

    Note: The VISA XOP requires Igor Pro 5.04 or later.

    These are beta versions of the VISA XOP. Updated versions of this VISA XOP shipped with Igor 6.1 and later.

  • XLLoadWave XOP loads numeric data from Excel.

    XLLoadWave505Mac.zip (Mac OS X, no help file)

    XLLoadWave505.zip (Windows, no help file)

    September 18, 2006, Version 5.05

    XLLoadWave507Mac.zip (Mac OS X, has help file)

    July 7, 2007, version 5.07

    Written by: Howard Rodstein, WaveMetrics Inc.

    XLLoadWave is an external operation that loads numeric data from Excel 2.2, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 7.0 (a.k.a. 95), 8.0 (a.k.a. 97), and 2000 worksheet files and workbook files into Igor waves. This version of XLLoadWave requires Igor Pro 6.00 or later.

    XLLoadWave adds the following to Igor:

    • A menu item, Load Excel File, in the Load Waves submenu of the Data menu
    • A command line operation, XLLoadWave.

    Note: requires Igor Pro 6.0 or later. XLLoadWave507Mac.zip does not run on Mac OS 9.