INDEX of NIDAQ Tools FTP Archive

The FilesUpdate directory contains updates to the Igor NIDAQ Tools Data Acquisition for Igor Pro software to versions 1.00 through 1.53.

Typically these files were created between releases of NIDAQ Tools, and the later versions incorporated the changes, even improving on them.

  • (Win)


    Version 1.01 (Win)


    Version 1.03

    The file in this directory contains an update for the NIDAQ Tools MX package. It is password-protected. If you own NIDAQ Tools MX and you would like to update, please contact

    To install the update, first uninstall your present copy of NIDAQ Tools MX using the InstallUninstallNIDAQ Tools MX.pxp installer experiment file that came with your copy of NIDAQ Tools MX. Note that it does not do a complet job- follow the instructions for completing the job.

    After you have uninstalled, you can unpack archive and run the new InstallUninstallNIDAQ Tools MX.pxp experiment file in the new version.

    NOTE that you must completely unpack the zip file- it will not work to run the installer experiment file from within WinZip.

  • (Mac) (Mac)

    These are installers for beta versions of NIDAQ Tools MX.

    Password-protected archives of NIDAQ Tools MX 1.0B08 and B09. If you own an earlier version of NIDAQ, you have this password.

  • NIDAQ153FullMac.sit (Mac) (Win)

    Password-protected archives of NIDAQ Tools 1.53. Note that this is not NIDAQ Tools MX; this is an older version that uses different National Instrument drivers.

    If you own an earlier version of NIDAQ, you have this password.

    You can uncompress the .bin file using The Unarchiver, available here.