The WaveMetrics Utilities FTP Archive

The Utilities directory contains miscellaneous Igor and FTP-file related utilities:

clip2gif 0.7.2
clip2gif is a scriptable utility for converting PICT, GIF, JPEG and TIFF images to any of these formats. It can also display them.
TechGrapha Font
TechGrapha is a font containing symbols useful for plotting data [with unique markers] in programs like DeltaGraph [and Igor]. All of the basic symbols are constructed to cover equal area. The center of each character is the alignment point for that symbol.
This package includes bitmap, type 1, and truetype files as well as the fontographer source. The bitmaps are not cleaned-up, so you might want to print a sample sheet to help you in selecting symbols.
TechGrapha is free. If you like it please send a picture postcard to the author at the address listed below. You may distribute TechGrapha provided you don't make money doing so and include all of its files.
Rob Kassel
MIT Spoken Language Systems Group
545 Technology Square Room 606
Cambridge, Mass. 02139
The Unarchiver 3.9.1
Macintosh application for opening old archive formats such as .sit and .hqx on newer Macintoshes.