Download Open Source Software

Some products produced by WaveMetrics include third-party open-source software. As a condition of use of the software, WaveMetrics may be required to make available for download the source code of the third-party open-source software. Note that the source code of WaveMetrics products is not available for download.

It is never necessary for WaveMetrics customers to download any of the source code below.

Third-party Software WaveMetrics Product WaveMetrics Product Version(s) Source Code Download
Qt Igor Pro 7 7.00-7.04
Qt Igor Pro 7 7.05-latest Igor Pro 7
Qt Igor Pro 8 8.00B01-8.00B07
KItemModels Igor Pro 8 8.00B01-present
Qt Igor Pro 8 8.00B08-present
Qt Igor Pro 9 9.00B01-9.00B02
KItemModels Igor Pro 9 9.00B01-9.00B02
Qt Igor Pro 9 9.00B03-9.00B06
KItemModels Igor Pro 9 9.00B03-9.00B06
Qt Igor Pro 9 9.00B06-present
KItemModels Igor Pro 9 9.00B06-present